© 2010 Miriam Rosenblum

Miriam Rosenblum teaches recorder and Irish tinwhistle at her home studio in the Washington Park neighborhood in Denver, as well as at Swallow Hill Music Association in Denver. She gives classes, workshops and private lessons for all ages and levels. She has a B.A. in Music Performance from Yale University, a Master of Music degree from the University of New York at Stonybrook and over twenty years teaching experience.

Miriam says: “I love to teach! Music is my lifelong passion, and one of my favorite things is to help other people acquire the skills to play music themselves. Watching a student grow musically is incredibly rewarding. And one of the nicest things about learning music is that the whole process can be fun – you don’t have to wait until you’re a star to enjoy yourself!”

What people are saying about Miriam:

“Miriam exhibits unlimited amounts of patience and  encouragement toward a student's development.  My music playing … is a pleasure and and blessing, all owning to 5+ years under Miriam's teaching guidance.” - Justine Romero  (60+  Senior Citizen, Colorado Recorder Orchestra)

“Miriam is a very kind, knowledgeable teacher.  Her group classes and private lessons are paced in a manner so that learning is easy and stress free.” - Marianne Zwahlen

“She encourages creativity and is very patient with each person’s learning curve…. I owe much to Miriam for my love of early music and my development as a musician.  I am eternally grateful.” - Paul Brunson (Denver Chapter, American Recorder Society)

“One of the best things about learning penny whistle from Miriam was her humility. Even though she is amazingly proficient, she never once made me feel that my attempts were inferior. Rather she seemed to genuinely enjoy my efforts, so that I could too.” - Beatrice Rector

 “Miriam is a great teacher because she makes learning fun. Playing the recorder is one of my favorite things to do!”  - Caden (age 8)

“She has a great sense of musicality and works hard to bring out the best in her students.  In the short time I have studied with her I have made great progress” - Madeline Zanetti

“Miriam can give guidance on technique, study methods, theory, or whatever and is encouraging throughout.  As a person who doesn’t come from a musical background, I appreciate her lessons immensely.” - Ellen F.

 “She adapts her methods of instruction to small groups of students as well as individuals of various abilities with non-intimidating techniques.” - David Asher

“Miriam was a wonderful guide in helping me move from a classical sounding penny whistler, to a more Irish-sounding penny whistler.  She was a great coach in specific technique and sound, and was very efficient and effective with her lesson plan for me.” - Jody Heppe